Encounters of Ladino & Fado

About Us - Al'FadoAl’Fado is a new musical program constructed mostly of music originating from the Iberian Peninsula. This music goes back to the Jewish / Hebrew communities living in the region in medieval times and it’s sang in an ancient dialect of Spanish mixed with Portuguese and Hebrew called Ladino.

Al’Fado is half Israeli and half Portuguese. The group features singer Gal Tamir, Avishay Back on bass guitar, João Roque on guitars and Diogo Melo de Carvalho on percussion. The group is based in the rich and varied music scene of Lisbon, the multicultural capital of Portugal.

The beauty of this music is now available to new audiences. This tradition is very much inspired by other local musical genres such as Fado and Flamenco, which are noticeable in this musical program.

“I immediately loved it. Different than anything else I’ve ever heard.”
– Paulo de Carvalho

Tour & Events

  • Thursday
    Oct 22nd, 2020
    Online event
    Washington DC, USA
    Hosted by the Embassy of Portugal to the USA and SHIN DC via Zoom

    Portuguese & Jewish Communities around the world: Past & Present
    Live Video Conference
    Thursday | 22.10.2020 | 16:00 GMT+1
    Sepharadic Heritage International DC >>>`